• DCBC Surface Supply Supervisor

  • DCBC Occupational Scuba Supervisor

  • IMCA Hyperbaric Chamber Technician 

  • PADI IDC Staff Instructor

  • EFR First Aid/CPR Instructor

  • TDI Technical Diving Instructor

  • Equipment Repair Technician 

I grew up in Pender Harbour on the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia. Immediately after secondary school I travelled to Honduras, where I discovered my passion for exploring the ocean. 

I became a scuba instructor in 2005 and spent the next eight years working abroad. I lived and worked in Vietnam, Thailand, Norway, Greece, Turks & Caicos, The Bahamas and Tanzania.

Upon returning home to Canada I expanded my career into the world of commercial diving. I have since gained experience in a variety of fields including marine construction, ship husbandry, potable water, environmental surveys, seafood harvesting and commercial dive instructing at DiveSafe International.

In 2017 I proudly launched Salish Sky, combining my passion for diving with videography, photography and drone piloting. As always, we will be exploring new opportunities, and continuing to venture from the ocean floor to the horizon. 

Maxwel Hohn

Photo credits: Joe Platko, Steve Woods and Pauulet Hohn 


Proudly an Ambassador for Huish Outdoors

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